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Solar power backup systems provide a safe and reliable alternative when a blackout occurs. Depending on your needs, an appropriately size reserve system can meet your electrical load and up-time requirement. If you have critical energy needs for computers, communication equipment or electric heaters, such a system may be right for you.

Many people have backup power, typically provided by gas or diesel generators to create electricity. However, these cannot provide immediate power since they need to be primed and started before delivering power.

In addition, regular maintenance is also required to keep the motors in good working order and make sure the fuel is not contaminated with moisture. A backup solar power system, on the other hand, works quietly and efficiently in the background during the day, ensuring the battery banks are continuously charged. A non-interruptible power supply can be created for critical applications, like computer and communication systems, so important data or functions will not be suspended when the main power goes out.
Quite often in an off grid solar power system, the batteries are charged with solar panels. Sometimes solar power alone may not be enough to charge the battery, in these cases, an AC generator can be used to help keep the battery charged.
An inverter/charger would convert the AC power from the generator to charge the DC battery bank. An off grid inverter/charger would be converting the power in both directions, from AC to DC to charge the battery from the AC generator, and converting the DC power from the battery to AC for your appliances. .


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