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100KVA Standby Generator at Bethany Hospital- Uganda

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Akvo International Limited, commissioned a 100 kVA backup generator from, YorPower, UK. The generator was installed at the esteemed Bethany Women’s Hospital in Luzira. The generator is driven by the world-renowned engine and alternator brands: Perkins Engines, Spares and Service, and IMI / Leroy-Somer / Nidec respectively. A generator is a very important asset in a hospital. According to International Standards, a standby generator is a legal requirement for Health Care Facilities (HCF).

These same standards also require that the HCF backup power be kept in good working condition through:

a) Performing regular engine and alternator tests,
b) Maintaining the batteries,
c) Hiring qualified service providers (in this case Akvo International Limited) for asset management.

Akvo International Limited as a standard of procedure always recommends and offers Generator Service and Asset Maintenance Agreements for all its installed equipment. Akvo International Limited fully recognizes the need for Emergency Power Supply (EPS) in HCF like Bethany Women’s Hospital where this 100KVA generator was installed and commissioned. Bethany Women’s Hospital certainly understands and cares for the wellbeing of her patients, workers, and community. When a hospital suffers a mains power outage for a few minutes, it may be possible to take stock of the costs of the event in economic terms. However, the highest cost, which is the well being of the patients, this cannot be measured by money. A loss of life has a trickle-down effect on the number of people it affects: children, siblings, friends, workmates and so many more that will be affected by the absence of power.