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  • Perkins Silent Diesel Generator
  • Perkins Open Diesel Generator
  • Perkins Container Diesel Generator

Perkins Generators

The most popular range we sell are our ‘house built’ Perkins generators. The engineering techniques employed by Perkins, including carefully matched turbocharging and emissions controls, means we can offer excellent fuel-efficient Perkins generators right up to 2200kVA. YorPower assembles its Perkins diesel generator sets at its factory in Sherburn in Elmet and distributes them globally.

New Range of Perkins Generators – UK built

The new and updated YorPower YXP range and YTP Perkins generators, introduced in mid-2018, are all now built at our production facility in the UK. The engines we use are UK built and originate from the Perkins Peterborough factory.

The new designs incorporate the 2200 Perkins engine series manufactured in the YorPower YXP350RSC and YXP400RSC prime rated models. The full YorPower Perkins generators series starts at 10kVA and finishes at 2200kVA.

Other improvements in the design of Perkins generators include, a bunded area at the base of each enclosure to contain potential fluid spills or leaks, improved rigidity and structure of steel enclosure and all of our diesel generators are now built with ABB circuit protection.


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