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Spectra Solar Powered DRO
AF 200
AF 360
AF 400
LB 400
LB 1800
LB 2800
LB 4000
Product Details
Reverse osmosis provides the most cost-effective way of reducing salinity in water. Traditional Reverse osmosis can, however, be energy-intensive, though as a result of innovation Katadyne Group has developed Spectra Reverse Osmosis systems that are capable of providing fresh water from Brackish and Seawater at very low energy.

Spectra reverse osmosis come with Clark or Pearson high-pressure piston pump complete with an energy recovery system that recovers energy from the brine stream by channelling it to the underside of the pump piston, allowing recovery of 90% or more of the energy available in the brine stream, thereby reducing the energy input requirement by over 75%.

The systems are available in two series the Aquifer (AF) and the Land-Based (LB) series, and both series can be powered by DC or AC power, making them suitable for both solar power.

Features of the systems are as follows;

High-quality DuPont Filmtec Seawater Membranes.
High treatment performance with up to 99% salt rejection.
Corrosion resistance material on both pump and pipework, allowing the system to handle seawater.
Low footprint.
Fixed system recovery for easy operation and long life


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