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We provide both flat plate and evacuated tube solar water heating systems to meet both individual and commercial hot water requirements. Our systems are sourced from high standardized European markets and are supported by local highly trained technical workforce for installation and maintenance services. These systems enables one to save up 70% of water heating electricity bills using free heat energy from the sun.

Flat plate solar water heating system

Flat-plate collectors capture the energy from the sun. There are different designs, but for the most part they use heat transfer fluid. Once cold water has been collected in the storage tank, the flat-plate collector starts looping the fluid through the cold water and heats it up. But this only happens after the radiation energy has been transformed into thermal energy through the collector. After the fluid has been heated it will start to circulate. The collector plate consists of a copper sheet and tubing. The surface is coated with a dark material, specifically to increase absorbency efficiency. The collector is also very well insulated in order to prevent heat from escaping.


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