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Yuzuak JET35 Standart Nozzles

10mm – 12mm – 14mm – 16mm 18mm – 20mm-22mm Body Angle 24º Inlet Size 2″ Female.
Range of Shooting: 19meters – 36meters


Yuzuak ATOM 28 Nozzles

10mm -12mm -14mm -16mm -18mm Body Angle 28º Inlet Size 1.5″ Female.
Range of Shooting: 18meters – 26meters


Yuzuak ATOM 22 Nozzles

10mm -12mm -14mm -16mm -18mm Body Angle 28º Inlet Size 1″ Female.
Range of Shooting 13meters – 21meters


Yuzuak ATOM15 FC Full Circle 1″ Impact Sprinkler Standart Nozzle

6mm(orange) – 3.2mm(dark green) Body Angle 22° & 27° Inlet Size : 1″ Female Female 1 Box 50 PCS.
Range of Shooting: 14meters–18meters


Yuzuak ATOM42 FC High Performance Full Circle Impact Sprinkler Standart Nozzles

14mm -16mm – 18mm – 20mm – 22mm Inlet Size : 2″ Female.
Range of Shooting: 24meters – 45meters


Yuzuak ATOM35 Brass and Stainless Steel Spindle and Part Circle Standart Aluminium Nozzles

12mm -14mm -16mm – 18mm Inlet Size : 1,5″ Female Body Angle : 27°.
Range of Shooting 20meters – 35meters


Yuzuak ATOM40 Brass Spindle and Part Circle Suitable For as Endgun For Pivots Standart Nozzles

14mm – 16mm – 18mm – 20mm Inlet Size : 2 ” Female Body Angle : 24°.
Range of Shooting: 22meters –


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